Crystal Fox Tail Butt Plug

crystal fox tail butt plugsWhen feeling like a trickster and a little playful in the sack, investing in a fox tail butt plug may just be what you need! From it’s smooth and tapered plug to it’s fluffy black fur tail – it’s a piece that looks great as well as feels great!

When I was first looking for this cute toy, I had mixed feelings. I seemed to be finding minimal results and the ones I did find all seemed to be the same and nothing that really tickled my fancy. I almost gave up my search on looking for one, but I’m so glad I didn’t. I ended up finding this crystal one and I am more than happy with it! Right off the bat I feel like it was worth the hunt because each toy is made with a real fox tail. Which means the one I bought isn’t going to be like anyone else. I am free to be the real naughty foxy I feel like and have my own identity.

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I’ve tried my fair share of animal type products over the years. My partner and I love BDSM pet play and have been searching for what minx fur tail pluganimal speaks to my character the best. This fox tail anal plug is definitely it. I’m a sexy sly devil and I love being playful in the bed – as soon as I popped in that hot toy, I knew I had finally found my place!

One of my favorite parts about the product is that is swishes so beautifully when I am crawling around. My partner can’t get enough of seeing me sprinting around the room while the dark fur bounces behind me!



Kitty Play With Cat Tail Butt Plug

The most wanted cat tail butt plug

cat tail anal plugI highly recommend this cute cat tail butt plug if you like kitten play, animal role play or just feeling sexy and kinky during sex. It’s a longer type of tail so when I shake my ass I can feel the tail swaying back and forth which I love.

I used this one with a pair of cat ears and furry handcuffs and I’ve never felt so sexy in my life. My boyfriend loves it too. He calls me his kitty and grabs the tail while he penetrates me from behind. It’s really solid compared to some other toys I’ve bought over the years so I’m confident to put it in my mouth, ass or pussy without worry.I don’t get the feeling that it will break any time soon. The plug part is tiny so it’s really easy to get in if anal is not something you do very often like me.

The cat tail butt plug is smooth, goes in easily, feels durable and isn’t too expensive like many other toys out there today. I have no problem recommending it to any girl who wants to feel sexier or even wants to wear it to work to make the day more fun. Just try not to get lube in the fluffy tail.

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Jenny Landis cat tail anal plug

butt plugAfter buying 3 kitty plugs from different companies I finally found this one from a recommendation by a close friend. The other 2 I bought previously were okay, nothing amazing, until one of them broke. Then when I got this one in the mail I realized why pretty quickly.

This one is made by Jenny Landis and it’s in a whole different league by comparison. It’s beautiful, well made, made from high quality materials and is just the right size to be comfortable. This butt plug is perfect. I’ve recommended it to a few girlfriends now and they all love it too.

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